Vapor Cuisine




Guests can enjoy their breakfast time at the hotel patio with background music and under the morning sunlight. If guests would like to have more intimacy breakfast is also available at their rooms or in the balconies. Our guests can choose between two different types of breakfasts: Cuban or Premium Breakfast.

Cuban Breakfast is the typical and traditional breakfast people usually have in Cuba including a fresh fruit salad, bread, butter, eggs, ham, cheese, a glass of juice from a tropical season fruit, milk, coffee or tea and jam.

The Premium Breakfast has everything a regular breakfast has and even more, such as croissants, bread the way our guests like it, different types of tea, vegetables and yogurt. But the most amazing and enjoyable of this breakfast is that our guests can have the unique and luxurious opportunity to enjoy it using antique valuable porcelain from our colonial times.

The hotel offers different kinds of coffee and infusions which are available at the time and place our guests request them. They excel for their variety and peculiar way of serving them.

The hotel has a distinguished coffee, Vapor 156 Coffee, to please the most sophisticated taste of caffeine lovers mingled with other delicious flavors.

Delight yourself trying our authentic Arabic Cuban coffee made in different ways, from the most common up to the traditional Cuban ones.


Don’t miss the chance to try the deliciousness of the Cuban traditional cuisine in our patio or perhaps a romantic dinner in one of our balconies under the light of a candle to whisper gentle sweets to your beloved person.

        • Snacks: Vapor 156, ham and cheese sandwich, vegetables and cheese sandwich, hamburger.
        • Cuban Dinner: Congrí rice or white rice and Cuban black beans broth, pork or chicken, yucca or tamale and vegetables.
        • Farmers Grill: Brochettes, pork, chicken, fish, vegetables, mashed plantains, yucca.




+(53) 78778453

Vapor Street #156 between Espada Street and San Francisco Street. Centro Habana, Havana, Cuba.