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We are open again! Check our latest COVID-19 updates.

Now you have to quarantine in government isolation centers before starting your vacation trip. 

  • Updated as of February 6, 2021.

Dear Guests.

Cuba has increased the number of COVID-19 positive cases in January. For that reason the government has decided to implement new regulations to contain the spread of the pandemic. The most important of those regulations with an impact in the travel industry are:

  • All travelers must present a 72-hours-PCR test to enter the country.
  • You will have another PCR test on arrival at the airport and
  • You will be automatically sent for quarantine in government isolation centers awaiting the PCR test results
  • If you test negative, on the fifth day you will have another PCR test and results will be given to you within 48 hours.
  • Once you have completed this process of isolation and PCR tests you are free to move everywhere inside the island. Nevertheless you should know that some cities as Havana are now under a total lockdown from 9pm to 5am
  • Wearing face masks and social distancing continue being mandatory

For additional information regarding Cuban government latest COVID-19 regulations you may check Cuban Government Official Website at 


Elizandro & Dirk

Hotel Owners


 Special services during your five-days quarantine on arrival.

  • Updated as of December 21, 2020

Dear Guests.

We are completely sure about all precautions you are now taking in order to plan your vacation trip. We also care so much about you and your worries are also ours.

Cuba has successfully been able to control the pandemic. Nowadays is one of the few countries with the lowest COVID-19 death rate. The country is recovering and getting back to a new normality. According to domestic and international official sources Cuba is now one of the safest destinations to travel to.

Nevertheless in order to keep the pandemic contained and to continue preventing further spreads the government has implemented the following measures for travelers on arrival:

  • PCR tests at the airport. If the real time test is negative you will be able to continue with your vacation plans, if not you will have to stay at a hospital.
  • Though you test negative at the airport you must stay at the hotel without being able to go out for five days while waiting for the PCR test second result.

This quarantine is only for one time upon your arrival to Cuba. It means if you come from Varadero beach or any other destination inside the island you won’t have to quarantine anymore. And of course if you are arriving for the first time from Havana International Airport, once you quarantine at the hotel with us, you won’t need to do it anymore while visiting other Cuban destinations.

But this won’t be a problem, on the contrary. If you have to be isolated for five days at the hotel with us and you can’t go out and enjoy Havana during those days, we will make Havana come to you at the hotel. We will give you the unique opportunity to enjoy our special services. Which are those?

  • WIFI access to the internet. You’ll continue to be in touch with everybody, you won’t be isolated.
  • Dance lessons. Seize your time and learn to dance any popular Cuban dance: salsa, cha-cha, mambo, rumba, bolero. You name it, we’ll teach you and you’ll be able to show off once you’re back home.
  • Enjoy live music with traditional music bands. Practice steps you’ve learned and have a good time.
  • Cuban cocktail lessons. Learn how to prepare the best Mojito ever, Daiquiri and other traditional and famous Cuban cocktails with Havana Club rums.
  • Traditional Cuban Cuisine lessons. Do you like cooking? Do you like to learn new cooking experiences on your trips? This is it. Cuban cuisine is vast and rich. Enrich your taste with it.
  • Habano Sommelier Ceremony. Cuban cigars are the best of the world; learn the history about them and the secrets to smoke them in Cuban way to get the best experience, while sipping a cup of Cuban coffee and a shot of Havana Club rum.
  • Body massages. Relax with a nice massage, remember you’ll be on vacation, get rid of all tensions and stress.
  • Trip planner. Let’s take advantage of those days and let’s carefully plan your trip to other beautiful destinations inside the island. We can arrange transportation and lodging with partners throughout the island.

And of course a lot of friendly chat.

For additional information about all our services, please go to the service section.

For additional information regarding Cuban government COVID-19 regulations for travelers you may consult Cuban Health Ministry Official Website at


Elizandro & Dirk

Hotel Owners


Greater Flexibility for New and Existing reservations and Additional Sanitation Protocols.

  • Updated as of December 23, 2020

Dear Guests.

In order to provide you with greater travel flexibility during this new global health scenario, Vapor 156 introduced a more flexible cancellation policy on March 12, 2020. As stay-at-home orders lift and travel resumes, we are excited to welcome you to our hotel. At the same time, we know your plans may continue to change, so we have made your reservations even more flexible.

On the other hand we pride ourselves on high attention to detail. For that reason proactively ensuring proper sanitation throughout our property to prevent the spread of germs and viruses is no exception.

Throughout planning and execution across all areas we have not only maximized efficiency, but we have ensured a united, connected sanitation culture during times of crisis. Daily, we gather our team to walk the property, assess all areas and implement an action plan for constant improvement.

In the face of global health concerns we have established additional rigorous sanitation and disinfection protocols in our guest rooms, as well as throughout the property to mitigate risks.

The well-being and health of our guests and staff are of the utmost importance. Relax and enjoy your vacations with us, while we take care of all the worries.


Elizandro & Dirk

Hotel Owners 

Flexibility for your booking: Any individual reservations booked before end of 2021 for any future arrival date can be changed or cancelled at no charge, up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival day. If you cancel a rate which required an advance payment or deposit, we will do everything we can to process your refund as quickly as possible.

Additional Sanitation Protocols:

  • Standard operating procedures that allow all our team members to flag potential hazards, improve hotel cleaning regimens, track maintenance issues and utilize inspection checklists to make sure nothing gets missed. A plan of action for deep cleaning guest rooms, lobbies, patio, dining room, hand stairs and all public areas.
  • Face masks for all hotel staff.
  • A shoes sanitizer station on the hotel main entrance and a hand sanitizer station on a bathroom at the hotel patio.
  • A cleaning on demand of high touch areas such as furniture, hand stairs, latches and all surfaces.
  • To use specific sanitizing products that meet the required nowadays standards to clean each surface.
  • Directions, time and details on how to avoid cross contamination by cleaning from clean to dirty.
  • Express check-in and check-out, arranging chairs with a 1.5 meters distance in all areas to keep social distancing.
  • Allocate breakfast and dinner times to limit the number of guests sharing the dining space at one time and scheduling room service for meals if requested with no extra charges.
  • Housekeeping “on-demand” option that allows our guests to request delivery of additional toiletries, towels or linens without having our chamber maids enter the rooms.
  • Open lines of communication with our guests to be able to be at hand to answer guests’ queries, react quickly prior to arrival and while hosting to know of any special concern, communicate the status of our local surrounding area and what we are doing to keep the property and our guests safe.