Habana Experiences


Come and learn how to dance like Cubans, in Cuba, with Cubans and surrounded by an authentic Cuban ambiance.

A team of prestigious and professional Cuban dancers will be your teachers. We are the perfect choice to channel your desires of becoming an expert on Cuban dances, whether you are an amateur who wants to learn for fun or a professional dancer looking for improving your techniques and dancing skills.

dance havana

Elementary level:

This is a course designed for those who have never learned how to dance any Cuban dance. Beginners will get acquainted with rhythm and basic steps of the dance they want to learn. At the end of the course they will be able to dance by performing simple dancing figures and follow a leader in the dance.

Duration: 10 hours.
Frequency: 5 days, 2 hours each.

dance havana

Intermediate level:

 If you already know then you are ready to perfect your dancing skills. Get deeper into the complexity of that dance you love so much. This course will teach you new, more complex and elaborated steps and dancing figures. As a final result you will be able to dance on your own as well as guide your couple during your performance.

Duration: 10 hours.
Frequency: 5 days, 2 hours each.

dance lessons rumba

Advanced level:

This is a course intended to provide you with dancing tools, techniques, complex steps and dancing figures as well as updates and popular trends on that particular dance. The final purpose is to make you an excellent dancer capable of dancing without any guidance, leading others during the dance and improvising by creating your own dancing figures.

Duration: 10 hours.
Frequency: 5 days, 2 hours each.

lessons bolero

Intensive level:

 It is designed for beginners or dancers with elementary knowledge who want to learn it all in one course from basic steps up to complex dancing figures. At the end of the course you will be a dancer with the techniques and abilities to follow your couple, make postures and dancing figures.

Duration: 30 hours.
Frequency: 15 days, 2 hours each or 10 days, 3 hours each.

All lessons will take place in our facilities Hotel Boutique Vapor 156


+(53) 78778453


Vapor Street #156 between Espada Street and San Francisco Street. Centro Habana, Havana, Cuba.